Overall educational project objective

The purpose of the program is aimed to the provision of training and knowledge on the topics required under Directive 2009/128/EC, where Member States shall ensure that all professional users and distributors have access to appropriate training systems provided by bodies designated by the competent authorities.For this reason each course is divided in three modules: the legal requirements, the safe use and environmental aspects and sustainable use of PPPs.

Overall project objective

The purpose of this project is to provide training to individuals who are responsible for the delivery of subsequent courses to professional users, retailers and distributors. The focus of the course is therefore on ensuring that participants depart with a very practical understanding of how requirements of relevant rules should be applied within the professional sphere. In particular, the programme of the training will deepen all the subjects included in the Annex I of Directive 2009/128/EC targeting them to the different types of audience which later the trainers will have to address. This focus will ensure that follow up trainings targeting users, distributors and retailers are valued by them, therefore increasing awareness and knowledge on the relevant topics.

The workshops should "improve the harmonization of training programmes between Member States". All Member States (and third countries) will have developed individual training programmes which will have respected EC Directives and Regulations but which are also affected by historical and cultural factors and by national and regional priorities. This national or regional level approach supports the concentration of resources on priority issues and this ensures that training is highly relevant to users and is therefore valued by them.

It is equally important that the national and regional training programmes are developed with a common understanding of the EC legislative and regulatory framework and that all such programmes reflect a harmonised approach to the use, distribution and retail of PPPs. The exchange of information among the participants and use of good practice from other Member States will also enrich training activities and support the recognition of training certificates from other countries. Delegates will need to build confidence and understanding of possible different approaches to the implementation of PPPs and IPM provisions but also how these individual systems align with EU requirements and ensure harmonised implementation across Member States and their trading partners.


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