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Sunday 30 April 2017
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Training course 5: Contaminants
In general, the aim of this regional workshop is to contribute to train laboratory staff of South America region countries, in order to enforce the control of contaminants in food products, in accordance with the requirements set by the EU, focusing on the specific issues which are recognized as priorities for the region (South America).

The contribution to improve analytical methods and the reliability of the results in accordance with EU performance criteria will be a priority. Due to the practical nature of the workshop, at the end of this training, the participants could implement analytical methods and could significantly improve the reliability of results in their laboratories.

In this sense, specific objectives are:
  • To build new skills and competence so that the candidates acquire confidence in taking responsibilities in a laboratory for official control.
  • To train on biotic and chemical contaminants, including comprehensive working knowledge of all areas of chemical and microbiology analysis, with particular focus and emphasis on laboratory-based practical aspects.
  • To contribute to the implementation of advanced and fast methods for the control of the main food contaminants, in accordance to EU legislation.
  • To contribute to implementation and/or improving of live bivalve molluscs monitoring, in order to prevent/control toxic episodes.
  • To contribute to implementation and/or improving of monitoring of veterinary medicinal substances in cattle.
  • To contribute to improve the technical competence of official laboratories, in order to adequate the analytical methods to EU performance criteria, established in Commission Decision 2002/657/CE.
  • To contribute to the acquisition of expert knowledge on state-of-the-art techniques for diagnostic testing.
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