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Saturday 25 March 2017
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Regional Workshop on Fishery Products


From 26/10/2015 until 29/10/2015 in Managua.


Upload/download the course documents:

Please find below the list of available course documents. For further information, please send an email to trainsaferfood@gmail.com

Koen Mintiens 09 An example of a Quantitative IRA1105
Anette Boklund Discussion in plenum1098
Nils Toft01 What is risk and what is risk analysis464
Nils Toft02 What is risk assessment924
Preben Willeberg03 Risk assessment history and international regulatory work3363
Marcus G. Doherr04 Qualitative import risk assessment (IRA)900
Marcus Doher05 Lecture 05 Initiation of IRA 517
Marcus Doher06 Assessment of introduction and spread of a disease or disease agent883
Preben Willeberg07 Assessment of consequences associated with introduction and spread1239
Nils Toft08 Distributions, statistics and probability theory739
Koen Mintiens 10 Constructing a Quantitative import risk assessment578
Koen Mintiens 11 Modeling issues in Quantitative IRA408
Anette Boklund12 Risk assessment of spread of a pathogen – Simulation models9511
Preben Willeberg13 Risk Management and communication3302
Case Studies # 1, 2 & 3894
Marcus DoherDoherr_References185
Koen Mintiens & Nils ToftGetting started with ModelRisk1808
Anette BoklundGroup Exercise 2_FMD model in DK9308
Koen Mintiens Group Exercise 4 Variability&Uncertainty240
Koen MintiensGroup Exercise 5 Sensitivity analysis419
Anette BoklundGroup exercise 7 Simulating Foot-and-Mouth disease in Denmark9308
Anette BoklundGroup exercise 7 Supplementary paper 11653
Anette BoklundGroup exercise 7 Supplementary paper 2309
Anette BoklundModelling of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) in Denmark9308
 OIE RA Handbook Glossary272

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