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Sunday 30 April 2017
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Frequently asked questions
Minimize What are my travel options?
Flight: the most economical fare will be purchased by the TrainSaferFood team through its travel agent, which will select dates, fares and flight times.

Train or boat: TrainSaferFood team will provide to the participants a train ticket in first or second class (2nd class only on Thalys, Eurostar or TGV) or a refund if it is not possible to issue the ticket by our travel agency.

Other means of transport: only if awritten agreement is obtained from TrainSaferFood team in advance and before the event.
Minimize I need a visa to travel. What documentation can we provide?
TrainSaferFood team will not contact Embassies directly on behalf of participants who may need visas. However, the TrainSaferFood team will provide additional attestations in support of visa applications where and when possible.

The participants should check before the Visit whether they will need a visa or not. Costs associated with obtaining a visa must be paid by the participant or their administration.

The TrainSaferFood team confirmation letter should be used as proof of attendance at the event. The confirmation letter must be presented at registration for the event.
Minimize Can I book my own flight and/or hotel room?
TrainSaferFood logistic team is responsible for all travel arrangements: booking flights, issuing tickets, providing local transports and catering and making hotel reservations as required, and expects to do so for all participants.

Other arrangements made by the participant will not be financed or reimbursed unless written authorization is obtained from the TrainSaferFood team in advance.
Minimize How will I receive my flight ticket and accommodation details?
Flight tickets will be available electronically by email in the form of e-ticket.

Details of accommodation and other practical details are given in a confirmation letter which is sent by TrainSaferFood team shortly before the event.
Minimize How can I change the dates and routing of my flight ticket?
Please note that it is not our policy to make changes in routing or dates upon request of the participant. The ticket will not be modified in case of changes involving any additional cost.

As of one month before the event, it will not be possible to modify the ticket.

Extra overnight stays before or after the event are not encouraged and will need to be booked and paid directly by the participant.
Minimize I discover at the last minute that I cannot attend the event. What should I do?
Immediately contact TrainSaferFood logistic team by e-mail or phone to explain the situation and be sure that TrainSaferFood logistic team is aware of the cancellation of your participation and confirms the reception of your message. Details of the procedure will be provided if this situation arises. Please note that it is not possible to substitute a colleague at the last minute due to cancellation charges.
Minimize What additional expenses do I have to pay for?
The cost of private telephone calls, minibar, and other personal expenses of the participant have to be paid by the participant on the spot. Costs associated with obtaining a visa as well as travel insurance must be paid by the participant or their administration.
Minimize What about local transport expenses?
Local transportation is generally arranged and paid by TrainSaferFood. On some instances, we may ask the participant to book his own transfer and we will reimburse the costs. However, no taxi costs will be reimbursed without prior approval.
Minimize What attendance is expected of me during the event?
Participants are expected to stay throughout the entire event and should not leave for other purposes. An attendance list must be signed each morning by every participant.
Minimize Am I insured?
Participants are responsible for their own insurance arrangements if required. If participants experience health issues during a workshop, it is their responsibility to have the proper travel insurance to deal with the situation. TrainSaferFood will not reimburse for any personal medical costs.
Minimize How do I contact TrainSaferFood?
E-mail is the preferred method of communication: all communication regarding an event must quote the workshop name and date.

For any questions regarding travel, hotel, or event logistics: trainsaferfood@gmail.com
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